Welcome to Primary 2 Mrs Pedlow  

Our Summer Trip to the Beach!

On the 6th June, we headed off on an exciting journey to Dundrum Bay. When we arrived at the beach, the sun was shining. We explored the beach, collected stones and shells. We made sandcastles and played games. We had the best day ever!

Road Safety

As part of our PDMU unit of work, we have been learning about the importance of Road Safety. We have been learning a song to help us remember the rules of the road. We hope you enjoy our performance.

Our Food Topic

In our food topic, we have been discussing how to eat healthy and have created healthy food plates. We have been role playing at the Seaside Café and choosing healthy options at take away restaurants. We have been reading the story of the Hungry Caterpillar and have created some beautiful art work. We have also been finding out about food from around the world.

Our Wonderful Art Creations

Over the Autumn and Winter terms we have painted, constructed, drawn and modelled. We have used poster paints, acrylic paints, oil pastels, crayons, and bits and bobs to help create our masterpieces. We have been inspired by the seasons and the colours, but also by particular artists such as William H. Johnson and David Hockney. We have taken part in some art projects and art attack creations.

Class Play

In our Class Play we have been; very imaginative, creative and adventurous. We have enjoyed building, constructing, making, sketching, role play, learning new things and treasure hunting.

Autumn Outdoor Play 

We have been enjoying learning in our wonderful outdoor environment. We have used lots of different resources, such as chalk, the outdoor play house, PE equipment, the outdoor kitchen and sand area- to inspire our learning.

Numeracy Work

We have been learning about repeating patterns.  We can complete a pattern that has already been started and we can make our own patterns.  We have been practising these skills by carrying out lots of different activities.

Creative Play

We have been enjoying being back to school with all of our friends.  We have been having lots of fun being creative during play at the art table and in the construction area.