We are enjoying exploring our topic of Minibeasts. We have been having lots of fun during play.

We will all complete the activities at each play station over this term.

Some of us were taking part in role play in our campsite area and we made our own camp fire!

Another group was using bee bots on the Minibeast mats, some were playng a game called Beetle Drive and others were working together with arts and crafts to make large Minibeasts.


You can see that we were all having lots of fun!


We have really enjoyed learning about 2D shapes in Primary 3. We have talked about all the different 2D shapes and the number of sides and corners each has.


We took part in some practical activities today exploring 2D shapes further. Each group was working on something different, one was making patterns and pictures using 2D shapes, one was making 2D shapes using Geo Strips and the last group was creating 2D shapes using the Geo Boards.


In Primary 3 we had lots of fun carrying out an experiment using ice.  We wanted to find out what would happen to the ice over time and how we could then change the water back to ice.


We were able to hold the ice cubes and describe what we could see and feel.

We learned all about what happens to ice when it is heated and how we can freeze it again. 

This also helped with our understanding of the Water Cycle where we have learned some new words such as evaporation.


We had lots of fun telling the other classes all about our topic of Weather through our Assembly.

We told the classes all about how the weather changes with the Seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

We chose a colour to represent each season ,we made Season hats, talked about our favourite Season and created pictures to show the weather in each season.


We hope all the classes enjoyed it!

We have started to explore a new topic in Primary 3. 

We have been learning about the Weather and have had lots of fun during our play sessions.

We have lots of play stations that we can decide from: the role play area were we become Weather presenters,  the music table were we make music to represent different types of weather, the Art table were we make wind socks and the Literacy table were we create post cards written from a holiday destination.


In Primary 3 we all made a huge effort on Wacky Hair day.

There were lots of different wacky hairstyles today. 

We also donated lots of money which will go to the charity, The Little Princess Trust.

Well Done to all the children for taking part!!

On Tuesday we took part in our Sponsored Run. 

In our class we raised lots of money for our school and we really enjoyed running and walking for half a mile.

In Primary 3 we have been learning about Time in Numeracy.  We have been learning to read and write o'clock and half past times.

Today we played some games to help with our learning. 

We had lots of fun.

In Primary 3 we have been exploring our topic Houses and Homes through play. 

We have been having lots of fun. 

We have been building, painting our homes, creating puppets, taking part in role play and in outdoor play.

Houses and Homes

We have loved getting to know each other in our new class and have started our exciting new topic Houses and Homes. We have been looking at traditional tales and have enjoyed acting out the traditional tale- The Three Little Pigs. Have a look at some of our performances below. We are looking forward to meeting our new teacher Miss Farrell and sharing all of our ideas for our new topic.