Welcome to Primary 4 

                          Summer Term

We have been learning all about birds for our new topic this term.  We found out how birds make their nests and the types of materials they use, such as spider webs and lichen!  We went outside and gathered materials to make our own bird nests, selecting materials that were waterproof, warm and camouflaged.  We used clay to shape the outside of the nests.  Click on the photos below to see how they turned out... 

We had a brilliant time on our trip to Oxford Island to learn all about birds!  We found out lots of interesting facts and even had time to go on a minibeast hunt in the forest.  We also had a fantastic time playing in the park before we caught the bus home.

                        More active maths and plenty of working together to solve problems... weight, making crazy function machines and tricky digital time!

                Active Maths!

We have been working really hard and having lots of fun developing our skills with money.  Here we are playing some games with coins on the Interactive White Board and working together to solve tricky maths problems! 



Multisensory Spelling Bags!  

We have been using a range of multisensory activities to help us learn high frequency and 'tricky' spellings that we find difficult. We tried out a range of activity cards to learn our words, such as using different coloured chalks to write our spellings and saying the letter names aloud as we did so.  Here we are below trying out some different, fun ways of learning our spellings.  Click on each picture to see it in more detail... 


Data Handling in P4: December 2016

We did a class survey about our favourite Christmas movies. We chose from Elf, The Grinch, Snow Buddies, Santa Claus and Polar Express. We did a tally and then drew a block graph or bar chart to show the results. The winner was Snow Buddies! What is your favourite Christmas movie?


Working with clay: December 2016

We made houses from clay. We had fun mixing our colours too. We hope you like the results! 


Mighty Me!

 In September our new topic is 'Mighty Me'.  We have been learning about all the different things that make us special and unique! We will be finding out about the different stages of growth and also about how our body works.  During Art, we really enjoyed looking at Pop Art by Andy Warhol and then designing our own self-portraits using bright colours and thinking about all the ways that we are both similar and different to each other.  Here are some of our pictures:


Primary 4 Class Charter

We are a Rights Respecting School. This means that we learn about the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). In P4 we talked about our rights and responsibilities and worked together to build this Charter.