Welcome to Primary 5

Ulster Museum Trip

The children had a great time exploring the history of the Egyptians at the Ulster Museum in Belfast. They were very engaged in finding out about the past of Ancient Egypt through the workshop which was explained by Mrs Baird. The children listened really well, asked great questions and touched real life objects from Ancient Egypt!

Learning About the Past - Ancient Egypt Workshop

Ancient Egyp Exhibition - Meeting Takabuti!

Exploring the rest of the Museum - The Discovery Room was Fun!

Master Pieces; Cut Up Fruit

Fruit and a Healthy Diet is very important. Learning in class for March - April is about the Human Body and Healthy Living. Primary 5 children brought in fruit to draw and paint using water colours. Enjoy looking at their master pieces!

World Book Day

The classroom and school was teeming down with all sorts of characters from Roald Dahl books. Fantastic Mr Fox, Charlie Bucket, Verucca Salt, even a Golden Ticket...and many more characters all worked diligently through out the day. The excitement was GREAT and the children all participated with such fun and enjoyment. Well done for making the super effort, sharing your books and having a good day!

Planetarium Trip

A fabulous learning experience about Space was thoroughly enjoyed by all the primary 5's! We investigated and travelled to all the planets...the lift off in a rocket was quite scary! There was an actual asteroid which we were allowed it touch, a small rock that weighed 22 stone! It was a really busy day and the children really enjoyed themselves.

Floating Balloon Investigation

Investigating gravity was the theme of our floating balloon investigation. The children had to plan a way of making a balloon stay up in the air, without IT falling to the ground, for 20 seconds. They children had fun carrying out this activity and were very creative in their planning.

Early Man in Ireland

Pimary 5 painted pictures of man coming over to Ireland 9000 years ago. Archaeologists think people first arrived in Antrim when they cam to Ireland. We painted our pictures using red, blue, yellow, green and white and we mixed the colours to get the desired colour we wanted.