Welcome to Primary 5

Baking Cakes

In class we baked a cake following the theme of cycling. The children made three varieties of cakes...Lemon Drizzle cake, Rockie Roads and Rice Krispie Buns.The children all enjoyed the experience and we have some real world class future Master Bakers here! All proceeds go towards Mr Magee's efforts at raising £6000 for a new whole school reading scheme.

Planetarium Trip

Primary 5's school trip to the planetarium was fun and filled with interesting facts about Space and Our Solar System. We explored the different planets in the solar system, sped along along a roller coaster on the moon, ate astronaut ice-cream and investigated how astronauts lived in space. It was a great day which the children all enjoyed.

Water Investigation

What goes up must come down right? Well try bending the rules a little with a cup of water that stays inside the glass when held upside down!

We were trying to make water float inside the glass without it falling out, while turning the glass of water upside down and the water had to stay inside the glass...this led to a few wet heads It was great fun and super learning.

Navan Fort School Trip

Forty one brave warriors from primary classes were hugely entertained and interested in learning about the history of early Ireland. The children met Irish warriors, learned about cooking techniques, touched artifacts from the past and sat on sheep skins in a round house. The children had a brilliant day and enjoyed the trip which took them on a journey into the past.

Early Man in Ireland

As part of our project in September and October primary 5 painted their own pictures of people coming over to Ireland around 8000 BC. The children mixed their colours and use different sizes of brushes to create an effect on their paintings.