16th October  2017  Copying patterns for numeracy: A really good activity with beads to copy and complete to make a matching necklace, 2 different levels of difficulty                    Can you copy the patterns to complete the necklace?

Numeracy: Subtraction. encourage your child to practise taking away using the following game http://www.topmarks.co.uk/Flash.aspx?f=TakeAway

 You can extend your child's learning further by changing the levels.


Literacy game: making CVC words with ig: Use your sounds to make the words to match the pictures

Counting bugs Play this game to get used to touch counting / estimating and number recognition. There are lots of games on this site suitable for

Primary 1 - Click on the link: Counting bugs game

For addition and counting altogether and sorting sets, please look at your bug club Heinemann maths allocated game.

For Internet safety week we read a story called Digiduck. Please use the link to look at the book at home and see the safety tips at the back to discuss with your child.

DigiDuck Big Decision-eBook

Can you count the items and match them to the correct number? This helps with number recognition and touch counting items which don't move so we need to count in some sort of order to know what has been counted.


 Can you compare all of the items and talk about them using the correct words? Click on this to get into Crickweb and go to Early Years and scroll down to Compare and order


Phonics play- a really good site and lots of games to play to help with blending sounds to read unknown words. Play pirates trash or treasure, Phase 2 choose if coin has a real word or a nonsense word and put it in the bin or trreasure chest accordingly.http://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/BuriedTreasure2.html