Multiplying by 3, 4 and 8

Go to the game Hit The Button and play multiplying

Play the game 3 times and record your score. Enjoy and have fun! Click on the link below to play.

Hit the Button

Place Value

Basket Ball Game. Play the game through the link below to help understand the concept of place value and partitioning of numbers.

Link to Basketball Game

Adding Three Single Digit Numbers

On the Game Hit the Button go to Number Bonds and then click on U+U+U and play the game answering questions for adding three single digit numbers
Play the game 3 times and record your score. Enjoy and have fun! Click on the link below to play.

Adding three Single Digits


Doubling Numbers


Go to the game Hit The Button and play Doubles 

Play the game 3 times and record your score. Enjoy and have fun! Click on the link below to play.

Hit the Button

Multiplying by 2 - 6

Click on the link below to play the game Coconut Multiples.  Play the game Coconut Multiples, practising your times tables at different multiples. Play the game relating to the 6 x tables at least twice.  Write a comment and score about each multiple.


Clear here for multiples and game Coconut Multiples

Play other multiplying games to help you with your learning! Cross the Swamp is a good one. Enjoy and have fun.


Fraction Matcher

Click on the link below to play the game Fraction Matcher. Play the game Fraction Matcher at Level 1, 2 and 3. Write a comment and score about each level.

Click here for Fraction Matcher Game

Play other fraction games to help you with your learning! Enjoy and have fun.

Adding/Taking away Numbers within 100

Play this game 3 times and record your answer in your homework sheet. Click on the link below to play the game addition within 100.

Addition within 100 Game

Times on the Clock

For the next week primary 5 are learning the time on the clock. We will be looking at o clock, half past, quarter past, quarter to, times past and times to.

This week play the activities and record your scores as you play. Good luck and enjoy!


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4


Early Man in Ireland

The information for Mesolithic Man can be found from a link on our school website below. Create a fact sheet on an A4 piece of paper with  facts about Ireland during the Mesolithic period and a picture

Life In Early Ireland.pdf

Early Ireland_Website 1

Early Ireland_Website 2

Egypt Adventure

Play the game available on the link below. Beware…you are going to explore an ancient Egyptian tomb. Beware, there could be scorpions and snakes!!! Good luck when exploring and remember to report some facts to someone at home! Have fun exploring!

Egyptian Tomb Adventure Game

Decimal Numbers

Game 1

Play Ordering Numbers 5 Times. Record how you got on each time

Click on this link and play Ordering Numbers


Game 2

Play Decimal Detectives, Rookie Level. As you play record

  1. The decimal number you caught the Crooked Decimal
  2. The amount of searches it took to catch the crook each time.
  3. Click on this link and play Decimal Detectives


Other Game to help with decimals

Balloon Pop Maths - Hard

Decimal Point_Dic and Dom

Fractions_Magic Maths Market






Its or it's

This week we are looking at the words its or it’s. These two words can cause some confusion.

 Over the week you will complete a couple of activities to learn more about when to use its or it’s. Click on the link below to play the activity.

Confusing Words - its or it's

Multiplication Games

Play any of the games on Multiplying. 
Play The Time Table For Your Homework
Play the game 2 times each day....make sure you also play Hit The Button
Record your score for each game...have fun and enjoy!

Hit The Button


Space Rocks

Learn Your Tables

Meteor Tables







Division Game

Play the game on division. It is called Cross the Swamp

  • Play The Level For Your Homework
  • Play the game 2 times.
  • Record your score for each game

Division Mine

Other Games to help with division and Multiplication

Cross the Swamp

Bam Zook - Very Hard!

Division Machine

Drag Race Division


World Book Day

Welcome to World Book Day. Over the week the children will be completing different activities to celebrate World Book Day. Below is a video reading of a book called SWITCH, Bug Battle.

Listen to the story and answer the comprehension questions in your book.

Symmetry Fun

Play the game below for Homework about symmetry. You can play the other games for fun. Enjoy!

Symmetry - Collecting Bio Rods


Other Symmetry Games

symmetry-matching Activity

Symmetry Sorting




Our Sun Facts

Read the PDF document about our sun and answer. The document can be found on the link below, 

Click on this link; Our Sun Facts

Answer the questions in an email and I will respond to your answers.

Creating 2-d Shapes

This week you will create shapes on a Geo-board. Remember, your shapes can be regular or irregular. Click on the link below labelled Creating Shapes and it will take you to the website.

Creating Shapes

Creating Triangles

This week guys have some fun making  triangles. I would like you to right angle triangles, equilateral triangles and isosceles triangles.  Have fun and write a note in your homework books letting me know how you got on! Click on the link below to get started.

Making Triangles



Ancient Egyptian - The Magic Book

This website has been placed on the school website. Play the activities on Mummies on ‘The Magic Book,’ and answer the questions into your homework book. Enjoy!

Ancient Egypt - The Magic Book

Facts About Egypt

Read the PDF document in the link in blue. Answer the questions in your book.

Facts About Egypt_PDF



The Skeleton and Skeleton Facts

Watch the video through the link below. Listen carefully to the facts about the skeleton before completing the task.


 Also click here for more interesting facts on the skeleton

Skeleton Facts Website





Healthy Teeth and Hair

Read the Word Document which is called ‘Healthy Teeth and Hair?’ Answer the questions in your book.


Answer the following questions in your homework book. Remember to brush your teeth everyday!

Keeping Healthy and Clean

How Big is your Heart

Read the PDF document below on How Big is Your Heart. Read through the text carefully and then answer the questions in your homework books.

How Big Is Your Heart - Click on the blue writing.

World Book Day -

Crocky Wocky the Crocodile, by Roald Dahl

You can listen to the poem we've been given for homework in the video below. Enjoy!

Activity 1

Mixed Fractions

Watch the video on Mixed Fractions below and complete the activity questions in your homework book.


Activity 2

Read the pages for the sun activity by clicking on the links below. There are two pages to read.

(Having problems uploading the PDF pages for you to read, so I've emailed them to you.)

Our Solar System

This week we are going to travel through space! Place on a space mask, sit at your computer/tablet and click on the link below;

Space Link To Planets

Happy exploring everyone!! UP UP and AWAY!


igh Sound

Click on the click below to watch the video for the igh sound

Video Link for igh Sound Words