Our new topic is Minibeasts. 

In Primary 3 we have been making the most of the sunshine and good weather. We went on a minibeast hunt around the school grounds. 

We also enjoyed using pastels and paint to make observational drawings of minibeasts and some of us creating fact files. 

We all had lots of fun at our Big Cycling Fitness Day.


Thank-You for all the kind sponsorship money that has been donated



Our Class Assembly


Today we performed our class assembly for the rest of the school.  We told everyone all about Being Kind and how important this is.


In class we had discussed some words that would describe being kind and we also took part in some group role play to show how all children can be kind in school. 


As a class we created 2 Acrostic poems about Kindness.  We really enjoyed singing our song and performing our poems for the rest of the school.


We reminded everyone that it is really important to be kind to others and to respect both the rights of the adults and the children inn school. 


Here are some pictures of our Assembly, Enjoy!



Our new topic is Light.

Today we had Dave from Sustrans in our class and we learned all about how to be seen in the dark mornings and evenings.


We learned about insects and animals that use Camouflage. We do not want to be like these insects, we want to stand out against the dark roads, footpaths and sky. 


We know now that we should wear bright colours and reflective materials to keep us safe. 

We are all going to make a big effort to wear our high visibility jackets to school if we are travelling actively.


We all had lots of fun taking part in the Sponsored Run. We ran 10 laps!! 

We raised lots of money for our school and there were a lot of kind donations.

Thank-You to the adults who came to cheer us on!

In Primary 3 we have been exploring 3D shapes.

We have been having lots of fun building 3D models and going on a 3D shape hunt around the school. 

We have learned all about cubes, cuboids, pyramids, triangular prisms, cones, cylinders and spheres.